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uvm Earth Day Report  

During the past three years UVM`s Language Dept has contributed in a small way to make a huge impact in terms of conserving natural resources and to help our environment by tree planting at campus Monterrey and now at campus Cumbres.

Today our campus joined over one billion people in more than 190 countries world wide to commemorate Earth Day.

  • Students from LC level V read the 16 principles of the Earth Charter.
  • Students from level IV donated 8 trees to our campus, 4 pines y 4 ficus
  • ( rubber plant ) which were immediately planted around the campus.
  • Students from level 111 G1 sang and danced to: “The Earth Song , They don’t care about us”
  • Students from level 111 G11 presented a variety of salads, green drink and cake.
  • Students from level 11 G11 presented a short play, “Global Warming “
  • Students from level 11 acted out “We are the world from USA for Africa.”
  • Students from level V presented a script in French.
  • Students ate and drank green after the trees were planted.

Trees give us the gift of hope for the future .The satisfaction of admiring the growth of a tree from year to year is truly gratifying and every tree we plant not only benefits us and our environment, but the entire world.

We pledged to do our very best to bring the green back together and to save some for future generations.

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